Pharmaceutical & Medical

Our principals have developed a broad line of laser sources that is designed specifically for medical device marking. This versatility allows us to mark virtually any material whether the need is corrosion-proof annealing, deep engraving, and high contrast 2D matrix codes HIBCC standards, "color" marking on SS and titanium, or virtually any type of traceability on any material.


Whether to mark on engine/frame or parts, our principals have over 40 years of experience as leading automotive part-making solutions provider in the industry - from single, multi-pin, electric or pneumatic, pin or scribe to state-of-the-art solid-state YVO4, pulsed, fiber, and CO2 laser marking system.

Recommended System Suitable Applications
Telesis TMP1200 Similar to TMP1700 but with compact head
Telesis TMP1700 Low cost, excellent choice for many factory automated or online processes
Telesis TMP3200
MarkinBox MB3315 Portable, lighweight, perfect for small parts and light marking
MarkinBox MB8010
MarkinBox MB1010

Oil & Energy

Our robust equipment offers a heavy duty solution to the harsh production environments of the component manufacturers to the Oil and Energy industries .


Laser marking systems provide excellent choices for making on plastic and label materials such as ABS, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PVC or others. Our range of DPSS, fiber or CO2 laser machines will satisfy the need for good quality markings on the materials.

Food & Beverage Packaging

Laser marking is the perfect solution for many type of packaging materials - both organic and inorganic: paper, foils, wood, glass, metals, plastics, coated materials, leather and many others. It is a cost effective, fast, and hygienic way of marking production codes, expiration datses, as well as 2D codes for traceability solutions.

Recommended System Suitable Applications
Solaris e-Mark Similar to TMP1700 but with compact head
Solaris e-SolarMark Low cost, excellent choice for many factory automated or online processes